A World of Beauty for Your Wardrobe.

Like the caravan traders of a bygone age, we have searched the world to find interesting gems to help you create a personal style, one that is unique and that sets you apart. Our curated collection includes elements from all over the globe: the finest turquoise from Arizona, gorgeous Amethyst from Africa, brilliant Topaz from Sri Lanka, stunning Lapis Lazuli from China and many more.


Most of the time it’s just a feeling. It’s always a feeling. Yet we are surprised when we finally realize what comes from deep inside the Earth can touch us to our core. Beautiful things do that. Depending on the intensity of the feeling, we are moved to react, to gasp, to exclaim, to ponder.

If powerful enough our experience motivates us to act. We suddenly have purpose. We focus our talents and resources to the best of our ability because we want everyone to feel this way. We’ll do whatever we have to do to make that possible. Such is art, the way of the artist, that of the thoughtful craftsman and the careful artisan.

Inspiration begets inspiration

It’s in our DNA! Now, as artisans at Pangea Mines, many of us were born into families who have done this kind of work for generations, and have spent decades honing skills and perfecting our craft. Meticulous attention to detail and devotion to creating jewelry as an art is our way of life, a family tradition, an inspiration in its own right.


Inspiration is Craftmanship

Inspiration compels us to create beautiful jewelry here at Pangea Mines. It is what we do best. This is the only way we know how to share the feeling that is our passion for each unique gemstone and the beauty inherent therein.

We create fine presentations for each stone, whether grouping with similar or contrasting gems for a colorful statement necklace, or highlighting a particular characteristic in a solo-design accent ring. But these are only two examples. We make sure that as many people as possible will witness the beauty of our jewelry and those who wear it.

We are confident you will share in the joy of such beauty and that those who get a glimpse of you wearing these lovely pieces will too. We love to imagine your stories.

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